Dive Slides

March 2022

Substance 3D Painter
Substance 3D Designer

Slide into comfort with the latest addition to the FSSLBB 2022 spring collection, featuring a striking pink camo pattern to keep you somewhat incognito. The slides also boast an intricately embroidered patch of an oyster presenting you with an opulent pearl, and to add to the stylish flair, the trademark shovel logo is embossed on the back of the heel, making these slides an absolute must-have.

This pair of slides was modeled in Blender, and textured with Substance Painter and Substance Designer. Substance Designer was used for this concept to create the camo pattern, and Illustrator was used to design the shovel logo and oyster patch, the latter of which was textured in Substance Sampler. This scene was assembled, lit, and rendered in Blender. 



Factory Slippers

March 2022

Introducing the latest addition to the FSSLBB 2022 winter collection - a snug and warm pair of slippers perfect for the cold season. These slippers feature a stylish quilted polyester pattern that adds a touch of elegance to your home wear. The heel of the slipper is adorned with an embroidered patch of the iconic shovel logo, while the back strap ensures easy slip-on and removal, making it a practical choice for everyday wear.

This pair of slippers was modeled in Blender and textured in Substance Painter, using a pixel art pattern designed in Aseprite. The shovel patch was designed in Illustrator and textured in Substance Sampler. The final piece was assembled, lit, and rendered in Blender.


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