GEIST: Season 1 Promotional Media


GEIST: Season 1 Asset Pack

March 2023

Quixel Megascans

The latest collection of promotional trinkets for season 1 of the electrifying record label GEIST. This collection features a membership card for VIP access, a stunning terrarium to add some greenery to your space, and a sleek enamel pin to show off your support.

The membership card was primarily designed through a combination of pixel art illustration and material design, using Aseprite and Blender, respectively.

The terrarium diorama features an illuminated illustrative mesh designed using Blender's procedural geometry node tool to convert a curve to a more detailed mesh once displacement was added through a custom material.
The surrounding foliage was imported from Quixel Megascans. 

Lastly, the badge was designed in Blender using an svg of the wreath logo as the base model. All post-processing was done in Blender, and the background used in this compilation was designed by running a generated output from Midjourney through a custom halftone shader in Blender, combined with some post-processing.


Material node graph for the GEIST Membership Card. Designed in Blender.

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